Friday, 29 June 2012

2012 Prizegiving Results

Congratulations to our prizewinners this year.  Thanks to Chris and Heather for hosting a great night.

And the winners are....
  • President's Trophy-Best All-round Member Dino Giacon
  • B Geraghty Cup-Most Improved Coxswain Holli Keast
  • Hutchings Trophy-Club's Most Improved Oarman Jayde Thomas
  • Gardner Trophy-Club's Best Novice Nic Blackford
  • Debbage Trophy-Clubs Best Female Novice Gabrielle Clarke-Cox
  • Munroe Cup-Best All Round College Member Gabriella Giacon
  • R A Cookson Cup-Most Versatile Member Lucy Rutten
  • Alf Mexted Cup-The Most Outstanding Performance Men's Club Four
  • Craig Trophy-Sculling Performance Shaun MacDonald
  • W J Brown Cup-Club's Most Successful Oarsperson Sean Flett
  • Richards Cup-Best Oarswoman Ivana Giacon
  • Porirua Rowing Club-Club's Best Oarsman George Daly

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